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The theoretical azotosome that will form when acrylonitriles are placed in a water environment (according to a computer)

Life on Titan?

Does life exist on other worlds? I don’t know about you, but the idea of life on other celestial bodies has always fascinated me. I mean, the universe is friggin massive and we can’t be the only things out here. In a quote from one of my favorite movies: “If it is just us, it’s […]

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Sensitive Topics

Originally posted on Legends of Windemere:
Yahoo Image Search This is a tough post to write because it edges near things that I prefer to discuss in private.  We all know the topics that can stir a massive fight.  Issues that draw out the emotions and typically block rational discussion once the trigger is pulled. …

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Why Do Celebrity Deaths Affect Us So Much?

Leonard Nimoy passed away this morning from complications arising from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The beloved actor was also proficient at photography and poetry, but it’s his role as the stoic Vulcan, Mr. Spock, that launched him into the hearts of everyone in the galaxy. As I drove home from the university I was […]

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bionic eye

Bionic Eye Gives Man Back His Sight

Technology is amazing! Actually, science technology is awesomesauce amazing, but I’m a little biased ;) Imagine losing your sight to a slow, debilitating degenerative disease. Now imagine being able to see your loved ones after decades of darkness. It might not be perfect, but to someone who can’t see anything, even the little sight from […]

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Who’s Your Favorite Game of Thrones Character?

Just received Game of Thrones season 4 in the mail yesterday and am nearly finished watching it this afternoon. This is n’t a show I can watch slowly. I hit the remote like some sort of lab rat in search of food or a shot of cocaine. But I can quit anytime. Really I can…*twitch* […]

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before and after-4

Bathroom Remodel :D

Just thought I’d share some pictures of my bathroom remodel. It’s so much brighter and airier than when I first bought the house. I still have to add some trimming tiles to separate the vinyl shower liner from the rest of the walls, but I’ll probably wait until spring break to finish that :D

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Guess what’s here?

Originally posted on White's Wyrd World:
Thanks to Angie Mroczka, I have a shiny new cover for the next Stains novella. :) What do you all think? The trilogy continues February 27, 2015 via Pagan Writers Press I’ve been working hard on the edits lately as well as editing a new manuscript I hope to submit…

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How do you write a book?

Originally posted on Florida Writers Conference Blog:
By CP Bialois Hello everyone! As authors, we get asked all sorts of questions ranging from, “Where do you get your ideas?” to the ever popular, “What do you really do?” Those are questions I’m ready for as well as a boatload of others, but then a friend…

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Discussion: One Star Reviews

Originally posted on The Mad Reviewer:
Although I honestly had no idea this whole controversy existed until a year or so ago, apparently posting one star reviews is a little controversial in the book blogging community.  Some bloggers believe that posting one star reviews is part of an honest and open reviewing process.  Others believe…

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Book Excerpt: The Seventh Man by Lisa Buie-Collard

Originally posted on White's Wyrd World:
This is my third day participating in a book parade made up of some awesome authors. Today, I am hosting an excerpt by Lisa Buie-Collard. Enjoy and I’ll be back tomorrow! — Jamie Daybreak would come too soon, if the storm didn’t swallow it. “You will go first. Don’t…

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new faucet

It’s the Little Things in Life…Like Kitchen Faucets

My dad came over last week and replaced my kitchen sink faucet. It was one of those where there’s only one handle to control the water temperature and it was missing the gasket so the dumb thing moved every time I turned it on. Drove me crazy. So I bought a new one. Shiny and […]

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You're killing me, Smalls...

Why I Love The Sandlot

Watched The Sandlot the other night and it reminded me so much of my childhood. Not the baseball or the fact that the main characters were boys, but just the overall feel of it. My sisters and I adore this movie and have said the lines over and over in conversations with other people, some […]

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Inspiration in the Things We See Everyday

The university where I teach recently finished a new classroom building and I had the good fortune to have my J-term Wound Healing class (two week class that occurs just prior to the start of the semester) in the new building. Though I’m not an architect by any means, nor do I understand the intricacies […]

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Reading Challenge Review: Organ Reapers by Shay West

Originally posted on S.J. Cairns:
Click for Goodreads page ? **Any spoilers are unintentional and I apologize in advance if I let any slip that ruin the story for you. The purpose of the reviews are to highlight books I’ve read as part of a personal reading and blogging challenge for 2015. Read here…

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DR sale promo

Dangerous Reflections on Sale!

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