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new faucet

It’s the Little Things in Life…Like Kitchen Faucets

My dad came over last week and replaced my kitchen sink faucet. It was one of those where there’s only one handle to control the water temperature and it was missing the gasket so the dumb thing moved every time I turned it on. Drove me crazy. So I bought a new one. Shiny and […]

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You're killing me, Smalls...

Why I Love The Sandlot

Watched The Sandlot the other night and it reminded me so much of my childhood. Not the baseball or the fact that the main characters were boys, but just the overall feel of it. My sisters and I adore this movie and have said the lines over and over in conversations with other people, some […]

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Inspiration in the Things We See Everyday

The university where I teach recently finished a new classroom building and I had the good fortune to have my J-term Wound Healing class (two week class that occurs just prior to the start of the semester) in the new building. Though I’m not an architect by any means, nor do I understand the intricacies […]

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Reading Challenge Review: Organ Reapers by Shay West

Originally posted on S.J. Cairns:
Click for Goodreads page ? **Any spoilers are unintentional and I apologize in advance if I let any slip that ruin the story for you. The purpose of the reviews are to highlight books I’ve read as part of a personal reading and blogging challenge for 2015. Read here…

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DR sale promo

Dangerous Reflections on Sale!

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Star Wars Battleship!!!

Mom and I stopped at the Goodwill today and I found the most awesome thing while browsing: I was so excited, I literally squealed in the middle of the store. I’m sure I embarrassed the hell out of my mom, but I couldn’t help it. I was tempted to leave my groceries in the car […]

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A Story A Day Challenge: It Burns

Originally posted on The BiaLog:
It Burns The fire licked the wood, causing the sap to pop and mix with the flying embers. Julie Anders sat in her camping chair enjoying the scene. Watching the fire helped her to relax. It was the lone reason she had a fire pit built in her back yard…

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The Poetry Corner featuring Jamie White

Originally posted on The BiaLog:
Good morning everyone! Welcome to The Poetry Corner with Jamie White. Muse Problems by Jamie White She lurks over my shoulder, A well of inspiration flows free. Frustrations never stop her, from showing new worlds to me. Her job is lonely and thankless, Many obsticles in her way. but no…

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Another view of the property

Grand Adventure or Bad Choice?

Adventure? Bad Choice? Little o’ both? I think the answer depends on the outcome ¬†;) ¬†Case in point: My family recently bought a piece of property in the mountains and the papers were signed the Tuesday before Christmas. We didn’t have a chance to christen the property by opening a bottle of champagne so we […]

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new years resolution

Practical New Year’s Resolution

I don’t do New Year’s Resolution. Never have and probably never will. I don’t feel the need to put pressure on myself to be bigger, better, thinner, sweeter, healthier, smarter, calmer, whatever. I’m pretty much just me, all year long. However, in light of a recent event that could have turned out WAY worse than […]

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Sneak Peek of Soul Reapers

Just thought I’d share the VERY rough draft of the first couple of chapters from Soul Reapers (sequel to Organ Reapers). Enjoy!!! Chapter 1   He cradled the unconscious body of the little girl against his chest as he made his way through the crack in the rock, the roughness of the sandstone scraping against […]

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Failed Christmas Recipes

We all have those stories. The recipe we wanted to go perfectly, showing off our culinary skills to the family. Most of the time things go as planned. But other times, things go horribly, yet hysterically wrong… The top layer slid right off the rest like a red tectonic plate. It was sort of majestic, […]

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3d printing space_1

3D Printers in Space!

Hello, my name is Shay West and I’m a Star Trek enthusiast. I used to watch the old episodes with my dad and when the Next Generation made its appearance, I was excited as heck to dive in. It was more than just the spaceships, space travel, alien life forms, and charismatic characters. There was […]

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Daryl Dixon

Our Favorite TV Characters

I often wonder if script writers and TV execs ever try to predict who their viewers’ favorite character will be. Is there even any way to do that? Is there some super fancy schmancy mathematical algorithm out there they use? Or is it just as much a surprise to them as the actor on TV? […]

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Survival Instinct

I’m watching Walking Dead for the second time through and just finished the episode where Merle’s hand is found next to a bloody hacksaw and set of hand cuffs. Poor guy had to cut off his hand to escape the Walkers. That got me thinking about the hiker that had to cut off his arm […]

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