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Daryl Dixon

Our Favorite TV Characters

I often wonder if script writers and TV execs ever try to predict who their viewers’ favorite character will be. Is there even any way to do that? Is there some super fancy schmancy mathematical algorithm out there they use? Or is it just as much a surprise to them as the actor on TV? […]

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Survival Instinct

I’m watching Walking Dead for the second time through and just finished the episode where Merle’s hand is found next to a bloody hacksaw and set of hand cuffs. Poor guy had to cut off his hand to escape the Walkers. That got me thinking about the hiker that had to cut off his arm […]

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Holiday Blog Hop!!!

Many thanks for those of you that stopped by yesterday for your free copy of Organ Reapers! Be sure to visit the other blogs participating for your free gifts :D *happy sigh* I love this time of year! The tree, the ornaments, snowy village, spiked eggnog… ;) But I also love the gifts! Doesn’t matter […]

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SD West HiRes eBook

Sale on Some Great Scifi Reads!

*sings Christmas carols and hangs lights and garland* Ahhhh, Christmas! The time of year for Christmas trees, lights, snowy villages, candy canes, and stockings. It’s also the time of year for getting people gifts :D  And what better gift than a book? Right now, each of the e-books in my scifi series, the Portals of […]

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Happy One Year Adoption, Oreo!

One year ago I made the decision to adopt a cat that was hanging around the local university. It was bloody cold this time last year (like 50+ degrees colder; that’s not an exaggeration) and my heart just hurt so badly at the thought of this sweet kitty being outside in the bitter weather. I […]

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Don't you love this cover? :D

Antiques and Old Books

My mom, sister, and I went down to Main Street yesterday and shopped for about five hours. It was awesome! I love the shops downtown. There’s antique stores, and a store that sells things from Ten Thousand Villages, and lots of other neat shops. We discovered one called Bella Balsamic and The Pressed Olive. They had […]

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Available for pre-order through Amazon!!!

Need Help With Thunderclap Campaign

Looking for peeps to help me spread the word about the upcoming release of the entire e-book set of the Adventures of Alexis Davenport :D  There’s a new kid in town and his name is Thunderclap. I did all the hard work, including typing and uploading pictures, adding links, etc. Thunderclap will post on Facebook, […]

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crossguard light saber

Crossguard Light Saber: Love or Hate?

My goodness…so much fuss over such a small thing…  ;) I for one LOVE the awesome design of the new light saber. When that sucker erupts in all its fiery glory, I nerdgasmed a little LOT! This awesome weapon is a blend of old and new, old-fashioned swords mixed with advanced laser technology. Oh GAWD, […]

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"NASA Orion Space"

Orion Spacecraft to Launch Thursday, Dec 4th!

Super excited that my home state is leading the charge into further exploration. I know there are a lot of people out there that think space travel is a waste of money, but it’s so ingrained in human nature to explore, to see what’s out there…there’s no way we can just sit here on this pretty […]

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Black Friday Book Bonanza!!

Woohoo!!! I don’t know about you but I LOVE shopping! Except for crazy busy shopping days, of course. ;)  But shopping is just as fun online as it is in person. And you don’t have to worry about long lines of even having to put on pants. If you like the sound of pantless shopping […]

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Release Day for The Sword and the Flame: The Lightwalker

Originally posted on The BiaLog:
Good morning everyone! I have some wonderful news! After a year and a half of blood, sweat, and cursing, the third Sword and the Flame novel is here! I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of my readers that kept asking when the next novel was coming…

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Adventures of Alexis series cover

Adventures of Alexis Davenport Series: Available for Pre-order

Author Shay West’s, The Adventures of Alexis Davenport Series, takes the reader on a journey through time, and follows the struggles of a modern teenage girl as she copes with major life changes and a secret that could cost Alex her life. Pre-order on Amazon now and read the series in its entirety on December […]

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Pictures of Comet

I admit I was pretty stoked when the Philae orbiter landed safely on the comet. Then again, I get pretty excited at anything having to do with space travel. I’d love to travel in space, see what Earth looks like from far away, travel to strange new worlds. But alas, all I can do is […]

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two hearts

Short Story: Two Hearts

If you liked Organ Reapers, you may enjoy this short story over on my WattPad profile featuring Eli and Ava :D

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Organ Reapers: Available Through Booktrope Publishing

Organ Reapers is now available from your favorite booksellers! Blurb: Detective Elliott “Eli” Robinson and his new partner, Ava Aguilar, are baffled by a series of brutal murders happening in their fair city. No evidence, no eyewitnesses…only mutilated corpses with missing internal organs. When Eli and Ava stumble upon evidence of similar gruesome crimes around the […]

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