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Social Media, Book Signings & Why Neither Directly Impact Overall Sales

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Original image via Rosaura Ochoa via Flikr Creative Commons One of my AWESOME on-line pals posted something troublesome on my Facebook page. Apparently there is a recent article in a major writing magazine that declares social media does not sell books and, in a nutshell, isn’t worth the effort.…

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My Swoonalicious Sherlock Dream

It’s no secret that BBC has taken over the airwaves (Sherlock and Doctor Who anyone?) and the hearts of screaming fan girls everywhere. And do we question this? No way! :D I have to share a wonderful dream I had the other night. Don’t worry, it’s PG ;) I decided to start a campaign to […]

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The Future of Fiction–From Tiny to Titanic, How to Claim Your Niche

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Last post, I talked about the increasing popularity of series, novellas, shorts and “episodic” writing. Of course, this assertion probably stirred panic in those writers who simply aren’t wired to write series. Personally, I would like to try writing a series, but we’ll see. I might be a…

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The Devil Made Him Do It

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story…:
Recently, I went back and re-examined one of my posts, Satan’s Favorite Drug Ever – Meth. It is by far the most viewed piece on this site, and a glance at my analytics shows most of the traffic I’m getting these days are people looking for answers about drug…

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Originally posted on Inion N. Mathair:
In this giant blogosphere, new kinds of relationships are being formed & tested as Artists from all over the world, chat and share ideas, art, common interests and become closer than relationships we make in reality. It’s strange to be sure yet even we, Inion N. Mathair, have made…

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Why Series are Becoming Hot, Hot, HOT! How Dragging Out the Pain is Good for Your Readers

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Battlestar Galactica Every setback is an opportunity for an even greater comeback. I love these words. No idea who said it, but it rocks. Life has a way of being awesome, amazing, fantastic…and a ROYAL @$$whipping, too. Not only is this quote great to hold close to our chests…

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Don’t Freeze Your Family—Physics PROVES Why We Writers Need to Lighten UP

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Many of us are running around like a one-legged man at an @$$-kicking contest. Writers juggle a lot of things at the same time—day jobs, family, laundry, dishes, finances, family, sickness, loss, and THEN there is the actual WRITING. I’ve come to understand that most of us writers…

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Two Hearts: Short Story

Two of my students gave me the idea for this story. I decided to tie it into the newest novel I’m working on (titled Doppelganger). Enjoy!   ***at the end of the post will be a video of Lana Del Rey singing “Once Upon a Dream” for the new Maleficent movie (May 30, 2014). Picture […]

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Pride, Perfectionism and Anger—Confessions of a Recovering Jerk

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Image via QuickMeme I am one of the most blessed people on the planet. Truly. I’m not a millionaire and may never be, but I’m infinitely rich. I wouldn’t trade the wonderful people I know personally and on-line for anything. This is a tough post to write because…

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Dangerous Reflections: AVAILABLE NOW!

  Available from Amazon!

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Close-up of my new bathroom floor

Bathroom Revonations

It’s the first weekend of spring break so what do I do? Plan a bathroom renovation. Perfect weekend for it since I am off all this week and had to stay with my folks since Friday (no toilet and all that LOL). Just thought I’d share some of the before and semi-after pictures. I say […]

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cat fish bones

Treasures I Found While Digging my Garden

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon turning the soil and getting rid of weeds in the little spot that will be home to my wee garden. I don’t eat much so don’t need tons of plants. It’s back-breaking work but I love being outside :) I hit one spot and hauled the shovel-full of dirt […]

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Should Authors Have to “Market Themselves”?

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
“Crap. Revisions tore my hose. But I need to sell more books and get out and ‘market myself’…”Image via Darwin Bell, Flickr Creative Commons. All right, don’t stone me, but I feel some of the marketing “buzz words” range from terrifying to annoying to outright offensive. For instance,…

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venus flytrap

What if Venus Fly Traps Were Man-Sized?

I bought a Venus Fly Trap today while at the grocery store. Those bloody bastards know right where to place that stuff so I’ll see it. It’s like they know I’m coming…   These plants have always fascinated me as I’m sure they probably fascinate most people. They are indigenous here in the US on […]

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Maybe THIS time it Won’t Happen! * Game of Thrones SPOILERS*

As I watched episode 9, season 3 of Game of Thrones I was faced with this dilemma…I KNEW what was going to happen during the infamous Red Wedding scene as I’d already read the books. I knew what was coming and yet I couldn’t look away as the knives slashed and arrows flew. I held […]

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