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Things I Suck at But Do Anyway

I was thinking today about how most people tend to put their best foot forward when it comes to social media, acquaintances, co-workers. I guess I can see that. Maybe we think our media feeds wouldn’t be as interesting if we were brutally honest about the bad as well as the good. And let’s face […]

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Star Wars

Do People Not Get Storytelling Anymore?

I was cruising through Facebook this morning as is my usual when enjoying my morning coffee. Most days I wonder why I bother as most posts get my blood pressure soaring with the utter and complete idiocy. I have to believe that most people that post or share are doing it to get a rise […]

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Surgery to Remove My Radial Scar

Back in October I was diagnosed with a radial scar after a mammogram revealed a suspicious shadowy area. A biopsy showed that I had a radial scar and even though it’s considered benign, about 10% of cases do go on to become cancerous so I went with the recommendation to have it removed. Plus, the […]

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Why I Will Always *HEART* Taylor Swift

Yesterday afternoon was perhaps one of the most amazing afternoons I can remember in a long time, You see, I live in the same town as Delaney Clements, the spirited, fabulous dancing queen who has been fighting a battle against cancer for the last five years. She and her family got the gut-wrenching news that […]

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Soul Reapers: On Sale NOW!

Just in time for the holidays! Soul Reapers, the second in the Eli and Ava series, is on sale for 99 cents. This won’t last forever so grab your copy while the gettin’s good! Hey, at this price, you can afford to splurge on something for yourself this holiday season. Detectives Elliot “Eli” Robbins and […]

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Authors Need Readers More Than Ever!

Amazon has been removing reviews from books if they think the reviewer knows the author personally, even if the connection is tenuous at best. If you follow someone on Twitter or Like someone’s Facebook page? Oops, you know the author and Amazon will take your reviews down. As an Indie author, getting reviews is hard […]

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The New Thing in Relationships

I saw a post on Facebook recently about a fairly new trend with relationships. (Maybe it’s not so new but it’s new to me  LOL) It’s called Living Apart Together. Folks in this type of situation can do one of several things: share the same house but sleep in separate beds, share the same house […]

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Soul Reapers_1

Soul Reapers: Now Available!

Soul Reapers, the second Eli and Ava novel, is available through your favorite booksellers!!! If you like paranormal and crime, you’ll love this one!

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CyberMonday Deal!

Last day to get 30% off paperbacks, either for yourself or as a gift for that reader on your list!

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Dangerous Reflection FREE For a Limited Time!

If you haven’t read Dangerous Reflections yet, now’s your chance!! Grab a free copy for your Kindle today!!

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Soul Reapers_1

Soul Reapers Now Available For Pre-Order!

*tosses confetti*  Hooray!! The second Eli and Ava novel, Soul Reapers, is now available for pre-order from Amazon! If you like crime thrillers with a touch of the paranormal, then this book is for you! Early Praise for Soul Reapers: “This is author Shay West’s best work, in my opinion. She uses enough lighthearted humor […]

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Hooray, I Don’t Have Breast Cancer!

I had my biopsy on Wednesday of last week. I guess I was way more nervous than I thought because I ended up with a nasty respiratory tract infection that required some serious medications (Z-Pac, codeine cough medicine, and an inhaler). Anyone who knows me will tell you that I rarely ever get sick and […]

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What If I have Breast Cancer?

I had my second mammogram a few weeks ago. I only get them every two years as there’s no history of breast cancer in my family. My first one didn’t show any abnormalities so I figured this one would be the same. Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call asking me to come […]

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Pictures of the Milky Way

Thought I’d share some of my shots I took of the Milky Way this weekend at the family cabin. It was my first time doing star shots and I think they came out quite nicely! :D If you look carefully, you can even see Sagittarius and Scorpio in the first two :D All were taken […]

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Dragon Master by Cp Bialois Cover Reveal!

Hello everyone! Today I’m happy to share the cover for the fifth Sword and the Flame novel, The Dragonmaster.  It’ll be available for pre-order September 20 and released on November 1. Blurb: When the Gods call, mortals answer. Reaching Solava Proper seemed like the end of their journey, but fate and the Gods have other […]

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