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Night Terrors

I’ve always had vivid dreams, even as a child. Most aren’t what would be considered night terrors but they can be pretty intense. I have some control over these dreams: flying away from danger when needed, discovering a secret passage or a secret cache of weapons that had always been there but I had only […]

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Gum Graft Surgery: The Recovery

I have to say that the procedure wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared. My surgeon and his nurse were so fantastic. Of course, the Valium and nitrous helped *grin* Honestly, the worst thing for me was the local anesthetic in the hard palate. That hurt like an SOB. It brought tears to my eyes, […]

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Gum Graft Surgery

Anyone who knows me knows I am not fond of going to the dentist. My anxiety is so high that after the hour-long appointment I am drained and tired. There’s no real reason for it. It wasn’t like I was tortured by one when I was a kid or anything (however, their instruments could look […]

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Head Transplant?

Last year while teaching my Organ and Joint Replacement Topics course, I ran across this story of a man from Russia that had volunteered to be the first person to do a head transplant. Being the skeptic that I am, I had to research this to find out if it was even legit. It was. […]

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My Little Adventure in Modeling

Haha, not that kind of modeling. I am speaking of building models, those whimsical miniatures that capture the hearts of millions. I’m not exactly new to this world. Years ago I built a plastic model of the original Enterprise and it’s now hanging in my office from the ceiling. Last weekend I went to the […]

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The Necklace: A Short Story

  “Oh, Seth, it’s gorgeous!” Amy Harrison cradled the velvety blue box with both hands, brown eyes wide, mouth open in a wide grin. The red heart caught the light with its many facets. Amy turned the box this way and that, trying to catch her breath. Seth had never given her anything like this […]

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My First Plasma Donation

I decided to donate plasma for the first time last weekend. I’d love to say that it was only because of all the life-saving things that can be done with plasma, like people that have suffered burns, shock, trauma, bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies…but I have to admit it was the fact that plasma donation centers will […]

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Book Sale!!

I’m currently offering the first book of each of my three series for 99 cents each. Great chance to check out other books if you haven’t done so yet! After the sale, they go back to their regular price of $3.99 so make sure to grab your copy while it’s discounted. Amazon or Barnes and […]

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The Chosen on Sale For a Limited Time!

If you haven’t read any of the Portals of Destiny books as of yet, now’s your time to get the first book of the series, The Chosen, for only $1.99! This price won’t last forever so better get it while the gettin’s good! Get your copy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble online TODAY!

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Resigned Fate: Now Available!

The final book of the Portals of Destiny series is now available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble online!

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Shattered Destiny: Now Available!

The second book in the Portals of Destiny is now available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble online!

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The Chosen: Now Available!

The first of my scifi/fantasy series, The Chosen, is now available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble online!

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Giveaways to Celebrate Re-Release of The Chosen!

To celebrate the upcoming re-release of my first scifi book, The Chosen, I’m doing some giveaways! *tosses confetti and toots horns* The Chosen if available for pre-order and officially launches July 4th. It has a snazzy new cover plus some new material! I’ll be doing a giveaway for several things: e-book copies of The Chosen and […]

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Cover Reveal!

With Booktrope closing its doors, I decided to re-release my scifi series, Portals of Destiny) with some fresh new covers to go along with some fresh new content. This was the first series I ever wrote and still has a special place in my heart. As much as I love my other books and characters, […]

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Game Camera Success!

My family bought property outside of town a couple years ago and built a cabin last summer. After seeing some deer, coyotes, and even a mountain lion, we thought it would be cool to get a game camera and see if we could get some shots of the wild life on our place. We set […]

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