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Boundless Energy Makes for Great Writing

I have always been one of those annoying people that is just full of energy. And when I say full I seriously mean FULL. I’ve been that way since I was a kid. Don’t really know how else to be. Not sure I would want to be any other way.
But it’s more than just energy. It’s enthusiasm, optimism, joy, etc. All of those things that can make people like me blessing and a pain in the rear 😉 But I am okay with who I am and like I said before, I wouldn’t change it for the world. All of this energy has come in handy quite a few times. When my family moved to Grand Junction in 1980, we came in the middle of the school year. I was in third grade and the class had been working on multiplication. I hadn’t done any of that yet and was so behind! What made it worse was the taunting I endured at the hands of the other students. Bad enough being the new girl but the new girl that didn’t know that 2 x 2 = 4? *shudders at the memory*
Rather than let this get me down (which it did for a bit, I admit), I did something even better; I got even! And boy did I EVER! With my mom’s help and some nifty flashcards, I spent a few grueling weeks learning how to do multiplication. I did this on top of the other work I was responsible for. So there wasn’t much fun time for me during that time but it was all good.
Now, the time came for the teacher’s favorite game when it came to practicing multiplication: she would write a series of 10-12 numbers on both sides of the blackboard. Two students would stand at those numbers, chalk in hand, much like a horse in the chutes at the Kentucky Derby. She would then shout out another number. After writing this down, we would then have to multiply the 10-12 numbers by the one she called out. Oh let me tell you, hearts raced, pulses pounded, sweat poured off little 3rd grade bodies…it was awesome!
Few things in my life have been as sweet as seeing the look on the boy’s face as I finished my set before he had even finished HALF his numbers! YES!!!! And to make it all the more sweet? He was the biggest a-hole when it came to teasing me and calling me stupid 😉
After that, I was the top of the class. NO ONE could beat me at that game or Around the World. I was the only one who could make it through the entire class without anyone being able to answer the multiplication problem faster than me.
And thus began my life as the proud nerd I am today! 😀
Of course, the teasing didn’t stop. Now instead of being teased for being stupid, I got teased for being too smart…*facepalm*
Anyway, back to my energy levels:
My passion and energy REALLY come in handy as a college biology professor. I absolutely LOVE my “day” job. I am so lucky that I have a job that I love equally as much as being an author. I have loved science since I was a kid. And not just biology either. We’re talking astronomy, paleontology, archaeology, geology. Anything and everything scientific moves me! 😀 But it wasn’t until I took my first genetics class that I found my calling. Exploring the complexities of the human genome is rewarding and frustrating at the same time. For everything we learn it only brings up 100 more questions. Which is why we will never figure everything out about the miracle that is the human body!
The best comments I get from students during evaluations is that they love my obvious excitement and love for the subject I teach. Makes me strive to keep that energy going 🙂
Many people stare in open-mouthed wonder when I they learn that I am a full time professor and that I have written four books. “How do you find the time or the energy?” They look exhausted just thinking about the idea. But honestly, it isn’t as though I sit at the computer and whip out a 100k word novel in one day! I only WISH I could pull that off 😉
Actually, being a full time college professor leaves a lot of free time available for other pursuits. Once you have the lecture material done, it’s only a matter of tweaking it each semester and grading exams. So the term “full time” can be misleading. We aren’t in the classroom eight hours a day. In fact, we are barely there four hours a day. So, the time, I got!
And as for the energy, well…I’ve had an abundance of that just waiting to be harnessed rather than just building up and driving me crazy! 😀 It keeps me going when I’m tired or when the words just don’t want to come. It allowed me to write my first novel while pursuing a PhD in genetics. It helps me to keep marketing and promoting even though sales are not what I would hope. And it will keep me going so I can get all of the ideas running around my head onto paper for readers to enjoy!

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3 Comments on “Boundless Energy Makes for Great Writing”

  1. grholton December 29, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    Nice write up! It really has me thinking about some things.

  2. Lisa Nowak December 29, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    Generally, I have a lot of energy, but not this week. I think I’m burned out after running full throttle for almost a year. It might help if the stuff I was doing was actually getting results, but it doesn’t seem to be. Time to re-think things. I loved reading about your energy, though, and your childhood memories. I also love science, especially geology, meteorology, and anatomy.

  3. Madison Woods December 29, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    I’m jealous. I have the energy and love for life and learning. But I wish I loved my day job like that.

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