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List of Ways I DON’T Want to Die, Part 2

I did a funny post listing the ways I don’t want to die and I have recently added to it so I figured it was maybe time to do another post. For the first 35, click here and see what you think.

36) getting sucked out of an air lock (two words: Event Horizon)

37) getting eaten by tiny, small animals (someone on Twitter mentioned this. Nasty way to go)

38) buried alive in concrete (saw it on an episode of Bones)

39) beheaded while still alive (again with the Bones)

40) getting crushed by an elevator

41) crushed in a car compacter (or even a trash compactor!)

42) Fatal familial insomnia (seriously…this one’s right out)

43) Holy hand grenade of Antioch (I imagine something holy being hurled at you would prolly hurt…a LOT)

44.  Mad Cow disease (another of those pesky prion diseases)

So what is your most horrid way you can think of to depart this Earth?

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2 Comments on “List of Ways I DON’T Want to Die, Part 2”

  1. averagechildhood May 18, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    I’m not sure I’d worry too much about being beheaded (sounds quick) Being crushed in any way sounds awful though!

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