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RIP Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong did a lot in his life. In addition to flying the space shuttle, he was also a naval aviator,  engineer, and professor.

Oh, and he also walked on the moon.

It was here on the moon that Armstrong uttered his famous words: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” And how true those words were. How many times did you gaze up at that ethereal body glowing in the night sky, able to discern some of the surface features even at 238,000 miles away, and DREAM of being up there? Neil Armstrong did what most of us have only dreamed of doing. I can’t imagine the thrill of excitement (although probably tinged with fear) that coursed through his veins that day back in 1969 as he stepped from the lunar module. Buzz Aldrin accompanied Armstrong on the moon’s surface while Michael Collins remained behind on Apollo 11’s Command module.

This pioneer of the human spirit departed Earth August 25th at the age of 82. While it’s sad to imagine him being gone, I kind of like to think that he’s on another journey, a journey that all of us will take someday.

He’s just taking that step before us.

Neil Armstrong: Aug 5th 1930 – Aug 25th 2012

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