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If Characters Could Come to Life

I was watching an episode of X-Files where a writer was associated with some weird stuff. And by weird I mean murders. Like icky murders where people had their hearts ripped out.

Gruesome, yet awesome at the same time.

Turns out that the bad guy was a character this author had written about. Which is totally X-Files, right?? And there was also this part about the writer obsessing and writing about Scully and she actually did the things he was writing about. Kind of a cool play on the power trip theme.

I got to thinking what it would be like if my characters came to life as I brought them to life on paper. For the Adventures of Alexis Davenport that wouldn’t be so bad. Bunch of teenagers, drama, boys, bullies…wait, that actually does sound kind of bad. But nothing too scary and nothing a little grounding won’t fix.

Then I started thinking of the Portals of Destiny books. There’s quite a few alien life forms in that one that might be interesting to encounter…

This guy wouldn’t be so bad. Well, except for that small little problem of being to use the dark magic. But he mostly has that under control. Mostly…

The telepaths would be pretty cool to meet. Unless you had some deep dark secret you want to keep hidden. They don’t really understand the idea of private thoughts and might blurt your shame to the wrong ears.

This guy would definitely not be something I’d want to encounter in the really real world (although to a writer, the imaginary world is as real as the real world). This warrior race isn’t afraid of anything and loves nothing more than to prove their worth through fighting. They could wreak some havoc in a short period of time.

And this is a threat that this world wouldn’t be ready to handle. If I wrote these into existence, people would be rather pissed and wouldn’t be buying any books from me 😉 Thank goodness they only exist on paper…

What characters do you think would be cool to meet in person after coming to life out of the pages of a book? I’d love to hear from you!

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2 Comments on “If Characters Could Come to Life”

  1. Inion N. Mathair November 30, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    I’d love to meet Anne Rice’s brilliant character Lestat. Well…. kind of. It would be a rather bittersweet introduction, as it would probably be my last. But, he is one of the main inspirations in my writings today. Mathair would love to see Mr. Darcy in person, though I don’t think we’d see her after their meeting. She’d probably run away with him! LOL

    I don’t know about our characters coming to life. They seem so alive to us already. We even speak about them like they actually exist, and refer to them as our babies. Especially our characters from our second novel. We also have frightening villians, but they have so much personality and pizazz that I’d be willing to bet we’d enjoy being around them too. Until they killed us, of course.

    Great post!

    • shayfabbro November 30, 2012 at 10:09 am #

      Oooo Lestat! He was dreamy. Maybe we could meet without the biting??? 😉

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