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Oooooooo Christmas Lights!!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is looking at all the lights! People really get into this, filling their yards with giant air-filled Santas, snowmen, etc, nativity scenes, reindeer, sleighs, elves, plastic presents, and of course oodles and oodles of lights 😀

There’s one neighborhood Rich and I go to every year. The homes are enormous and many sit on private lakes. Folks drive by slowly, head lights off, snapping photos. I am like a little kid! I see one house and say “Ooooo, that’s my favorite!” then the next one comes along and now THAT one is my favorite! lol One of the cool things I noticed this year was the lights that look like it’s snowing. I don’t remember seeing them last year. Talk about gorgeous!!!

Here’s some pictures I snapped during our outing last night:




But the REALLY cool displays are those that are set to music. You’ll have to search to see if anyone even has such a display in your area. They will have a radio station that you have to use so you can hear the music and they will usually only play it once a day. It takes many months of planning to get these displays ready to go so if you can find one you are in for a treat!


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  1. Christy West December 28, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    Hey Shay 🙂 Great website! I signed up to follow your updates.

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