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As 2012 winds down to a close, I thought I’d take the time to recap what’s happened with my writing career  this last year.

1) Signed with Booktrope Publishing
Early in 2012 I signed with a publisher for the scifi Portals of Destiny series. In August of 2012, The Chosen was re-released using my maiden name (to separate this series from the self-published Alexis Davenport series).
The Chosen-Twitter
2) Published Twisted Reflections
In March of 2012 I self-published the second book of the Alexis Davenport series. Fans liked this one every bit as much as the first (Dangerous Reflections) and have been clamoring for the final book of the series.
3) Short Story #1 Accepted in Anthology
In July of 2012 my short story titled “Luci” was accepted in the Batttlespace military scifi anthology. The proceeds from sales go to help veterans.
4) Short Story #2 Accepted in Anthology
Even though the book will come out in 2013, the news that the story was accepted came in 2012 so I’m adding it to this year 😀 This story is called “Fall” and will benefit a dear friend who survived Toxic Shock Syndrome this last summer. 
5) 50 Great Authors You Should be Reading
I made The Authors Show list of 50 Great Authors You Should be Reading. The Authors Show makes a print copy of the book that includes an essay from each of the 50 authors as well as features us on their website.
6) Forward National Literature Award
The Chosen made second place in the Forward National Literature Award. I’m pretty excited to get my certificate and stickers 😀
second place
Dr Fab 2

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