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My New Toy: Canon REBEL!

Okay, I am so beside myself with glee that I can barely sit still!!! I’ve been wanting a nice camera for soooooooooo long but to get one that takes great pictures, shoots video, has awesome zoom with amazing clarity costs some serious cash. I’ve had the same digital camera for a few years now (Nikon Cool Pix) and it was okay but to be honest, my Samsung Fascinate takes better pictures even with the zoom. But that’s not *quite* good enough for some things. Hubby and I love the outdoors. We are the kind of people that can sit for hours just listening to and watching the world around us. Because of this patience (hey, don’t laugh, I can exercise patience when necessary! LOL) we have seen some very cool stuff. Unfortunately, our camera capabilities means we don’t always get to document these moments. Or if we do, they are fuzzy blobs and no one believes us when we tell them it’s a mountain lion or bob cat.

Well, no more! Yesterday, I went out and got us a damn nice camera. It’s a Canon Rebel (highly recommended by people I know and trust) and the package I got comes with two lenses: 18-55 mm and a 75-300. We should be able to get some decent shots without becoming candidates for the Darwin Awards šŸ˜‰

Picture of Canon Rebel Camera


I’ll be sharing the fruits of my amateur photography so consider this fair warning. I’m hoping to learn how to use this thing before our trip to Denali National Park this summer! šŸ˜€ If any of you have this camera and can give me some tips, it would be greatly appreciated šŸ™‚

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2 Comments on “My New Toy: Canon REBEL!”

  1. viewsfromasmallisland March 15, 2013 at 10:32 am #

    Great camera. Should serve you well.

    • shayfabbro March 15, 2013 at 12:21 pm #

      Thanks! I’m pretty excited to see what this baby can do. Gonna be spending some time learning all the features I’m sure!

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