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Star Trek: Into Darkness

Just FYI before you read any further:

There be spoilers here! *said in outrageous Scottish accent*

So if you haven’t seen the movie then DON’T read further! Seriously. Just stop right now. Don’t touch that scroll button. Click the X in the top right corner of your screen, The red X is your friend…

Now, for those of you that HAVE seen this friggin’ fantastic flick, please read on 😀

Let me start by saying that I’m a Trekkie, always have been always will be. I like the old, the Next, and the new. I was not a bit skeptical when the new movie came out and was perfectly happy to sit and watch a thoroughly enjoyable movie with tons of action, hilarious dialog, and awesome characters. I wasn’t disappointed by the new movie and was so excited for the release of Into Darkness that I could hardly contain myself.

***We interrupt this blog for an important announcement***

Grand Junction, CO NEEDS to get an IMAX theater. Like tomorrow. That is all.

***We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog***

I saw Into Darkness for the first time Monday afternoon in 3D and I was blown away from the second the music started playing. And by that I mean the music as the Paramount stars did their fly-by. I get goosebumps when I hear it. Not even kidding. The rest of the movie didn’t disappoint. There was so MUCH cool stuff that I wish I had gone with someone else but alas, I went alone and had to contain my excitement since a woman sitting alone flailing about and squeeeing aloud might get me kicked out of the theater.

So now the spoilers: when Kirk gets to Kronos and the moon orbiting was all blown apart, I’m thinking that was supposed to be Praxis from the movie Undiscovered Country. Please tell me I’m not wrong here!

And then there was the lovely Dr. Carol Marcus. I can’t help but wonder about a future movie with their son. Or maybe this time around they’ll have a daughter? I mean, a new timeline sort of leaves it open, yes?? I think I’m going to like her character.  However, was it me or did there seem to be a little sexual tension between Carol and Bones? Wouldn’t THAT be an interesting twist to things.

Oh, right, and the BEST thing of all: KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *giggle* The arch nemesis of Kirk and the gang, the most dangerous adversary they ever faced (future Spock’s words)…is BACK and in the delightful guise of the uberly delicious Benedict Cumberbatch. I mean, this guys gaze is as intense as Tom Hiddleston that plays Loki in the Avengers.

And don’t get  me started on that voice *rawwwwrrrrr*

And the ending??? The total switch of Kirk and Spock??? I admit I cried. A lot. Hey, I’m a girl, so it’s all good. I loved that scene so much, especially watching the anger transform Spock into a raging machine of revenge that brings glory to his half-human side.

So after watching this movie Monday afternoon, I literally couldn’t sleep that night. So when my sister and brother-in-law said they were going the following night, I totally went along. This is NOT a movie you can only see once!

***It would be better in IMAX. Get with it Grand Junction!***

So again with the goosebumps when the music starts. The most awesome thing about this second go-round was my sister’s reaction to everything. we shared giggles and squeeeeeees of delight and were both flung back in our chairs when Kirk and Khan do their space blast thingy through the debris field to get to the USS Vengeance (Dreadnought class).

And of course at the end, we BOTH cried (yeah, I cried again).

All in all, a fantastic movie that I can’t wait to own and perhaps watch on a surround sound system in my  new house 😀

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4 Comments on “Star Trek: Into Darkness”

  1. Gareth Young (@SpartaGus) May 22, 2013 at 7:55 pm #

    Dr Shay! Leave the outrageous Scottish accents to me! I saw this movie on Tuesday…I also went alone and I also enjoyed it a lot. I liked a lot of the nods to the original timeline, but I do think its time to move on in their own direction. Setting up the 5 year mission will hopefully allow that.

    I think Cumberbatch was great, but Khan was about the worst kept secret…ever. I’m VERY glad they kept him alive…that means a possible return at some point. THe rest of the cast were excellent. Pine is a good Kirk. Spock got to shine a little and there was able support from Scotty (I met the original!) and Bones.

    Anyway, enjoyable movie…it was a nice nod to the original but lets go Trekking next time. Glad to hear you’re a fellow Trekkie. Now I will bother you more often! lol.

    • shayfabbro May 22, 2013 at 8:23 pm #

      Bwahahaha! I have 3 Star Trek tattoos so I am a Trekkie for life whether I Iike it or not 😀
      I agree about letting go a little but it’s still so AWESOME to see the old stuff being played out in a different scenario. And I think they really had to pay tribute to Wrath of Khan. Like it’s a universal law or something 😀

  2. Zellie M. Quinn June 2, 2013 at 2:44 pm #

    I must say, that Cumberbatch is a much better Khan than Ricardo Montalban ever was. Of course the first time I ever saw Cumberbatch was in the movie “Amazing Grace” where he was a newcomer, and I totally thought he stole the movie!

    • shayfabbro June 2, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

      I am a HUGE fan of Cumberbatch. I admit that I have yet to see Sherlock but as soon as I’m done watching Fringe, I’m so on it 😉

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