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Catch Phrases in Novels

I ran across this post from i09 about catch phrases from movies that people say all the time. I’m guilty of more than a few of them and of course this isn’t the ONLY things people say from movies.  But several of them are pretty iconic (“Make it so”, “You shall not pass!”).

But the post got me thinking about lines from books that people may use or been tempted to use. I remember when I first read Wheel of Time, I actually said “Blood and bloody ashes” on more than one occasion. People either gave me a look like I had completely lost my mind or they smiled and congratulated me on being a Robert Jordan fan. And what about Game of Thrones? When someone says winter is coming (and they simply mean cold weather) do you want to strike a noble pose and look to the north? And I am so hoping that someone, someday will say the words valar morghulis to me. And I shall know the right words to say to them.

What sorts of lines from books have you found yourself using in everyday conversation or have been tempted to use? They can either be dialog or just a catchy little narrative line that just sticks with you.

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