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Gravity: Don’t Mess With It

I’ve seen the trailer for the movie Gravity several times now and each time it leaves me with goosebumps and fewer fingernails.

Can you even imagine? Floating helplessly in space, either further from Earth which means you will eventually run out of oxygen and your corpse will be tucked safely inside your space suit until it eventually disintegrates or a visiting alien race plucks you from the cold clutches of space. OR you can get caught into Earth’s gravity and plummet to the surface, bursting into flame long before you actually hit the ground and your body becomes embedded into the dirt so hard that authorities have to use a fork lift to rip you out of mother earth.

Despite all of this I would SO go into space! 😀

Not even kidding. I would volunteer for that faster than Jodie Foster in Contact. I want to experience the vibration of the engines as they hurtle me into the sky, what it looks like when the atmosphere of this little world gives way to the vacuum of space, to observe what the stars look like and the  moon and perhaps the alien ship that’s hiding out in the space debris orbiting the planet (kidding…or am I????). Watching this on TV just wouldn’t be the same as seeing it with my own eyes.

Although I admit I could do without the vomiting that generally accompanies zero gravity.

Do they carry Dramamine on the space shuttle??

Would YOU travel into space even knowing the dangers?

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