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Is That Too Much To Ask?

Is it to much to ask:

To be cherished and loved by the one person that made a promise to do so?

To be more important to them than any other person in the world?

To be the first thing they think about in the morning and the last they think about at night?

To be appreciated for everything you are without you having to DO anything to earn it or having to be perfect?

To ask that your best friend truly want to spend the rest of his life with you?

That he pine away for me for the rest of his life now that he’s run away?

To wish that he think about me and regret his decision to walk away from 10 years of marriage, from 13 years of knowing each other?

To wish that his heart is filled with agony and guilt at leaving?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this morning and it seems to me that he’s fallen victim to the idea that there’s always something bigger and better. Not happy with a vehicle? Just get rid of it and get something different (can’t even count the number of trucks and cars he’s gone through). Not happy with your job? Just move on to the next one (leading to him not being able to get a job at the place he wanted here in town because of his job jumping). Not happy with your wife? Just find another woman (he did it twice).  Funny how he used to look down his nose at people that would marry several times or leave their spouse for anything other than Biblical reasons. Last I checked, not having a perfect wife wasn’t a reason for divorce.

Is this really the way human nature is? Are the marriages that actually last the exception rather than the rule? It certainly seems that way from where I’m sitting. Does commitment, REAL commitment mean anything to anyone? Maybe the “every man for himself” idea is really the best we can do and those of us that actually think someone can commit to one person are deluding ourselves?

At this point I can tell you that I’m pretty disgusted with the whole idea of marriage and commitment and true love and soul mates and till death do us part and have no desire to try again. The vows should say “Till one spouse gets tired of the other one and leaves”. That would be a lot more accurate reflection of how marriage really is.

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