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Whew! Been a busy weekend/week thus far. I am fortunate to be able to teach a class called Freshman Year Initiative that runs the week prior to the official start of the fall semester. It’s pretty intense, goes from 9 in the morning till 4  in the afternoon with an hour break for lunch. But it’s hugely beneficial to students as they learn what college life is really about, what will be expected of them, how to study, take notes, alleviate test anxiety, how to manage time and money. Super awesome class but a hell of a lot of work!

Which is kind of good for me considering the whole divorce thing this summer.

Getting ready for this this class as well as getting ready for the start of the fall semester has kept me busy and kept my thoughts off of more negative things. Which is good. Cuz no one likes Negative Shay. Not one bit. I admit, I don’t like her much either but when someone tramples my heart into a billion pieces, it’s kinda hard to be Happy Shay. So I’ll let Negative Shay come out every now and then, and even Angry Shay, and Pissy Shay, and Sad Shay, and even Vengeful Shay. I mean, they are all a part of me so who am I to refuse them admission to the divorce party? They’ll come in, wreak havoc, and leave eventually. Best to leave them alone to do their thing so they’ll be ready to leave sooner. Then Happy Shay, Positive Shay, Hopeful Shay, I-Am-Worthy Shay, Fun Shay can come out of hiding and take over the world. ***insert Dr. Evil laugh* Mwahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Until the other Shay’s are ready to skip town, I’ll just keep busy until they do.

Another thing I get to look forward to is getting edits back on Resigned Fate (final book of the Portals of Destiny series) and hopefully a launch date later this fall 😀 I’ve also been hard at work working on the final Alexis Davenport book (Desperate Reflections). Both of these books will rock your world!


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