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Let Go of the Past

Maybe it’s because I’ve never really been one to do this so I just don’t get it. Why do some people live in the past?

Focusing on crap that happened when they were kids, imperfect childhood, things they did wrong, past relationships, whatever.

What’s the point? I  mean, really. Why spend so much energy on stuff that’s already happened? You can’t change it. *shrug* Seems pretty simple to me.

Now, before you go accusing me of not understanding or thinking that I somehow had a perfect life up to this point you couldn’t be more wrong. Who really has the perfect life? No one, that’s who. Of course, people can  have varying degrees of difficult circumstances. Some have suffered more than others.

But my question still remains the same.

Why dwell on the past when you can’t change it?

How about investing the energy into the present and the future? That seems a better use of precious resources.

My ex had this problem. He was consumed with the past. His childhood, his ex, his parents, getting picked on in school, things he did that he wasn’t proud of. It was all about regrets and bitterness and what had happened and in some respects what didn’t happen. Again, I get it. Life can suck pretty hard sometimes. We don’t get to choose the hand we’re dealt with some respects to our past, like family. But how we choose to deal with their imperfections, their hurtful actions, their choices IS something we can control.

How we treat other people is also our choice. Why dwell on the past and force unrealistic expectations on the person sharing our life when we can be completely with them in the here and now? Appreciate them for their imperfect perfection. Look forward to the future together as an inseparable team.

No one can compete with the ghosts of the past. So let them go. Forgive them, forgive yourself and open your heart and soul so you can finally know the peace and joy that the present and the future has to offer.

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