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RiffTrax: Starship Troopers

If you haven’t heard of RiffTrax, don’t feel bad. I hadn’t heard about it until last night. Now to be fair, I HAD heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000 so I sort of knew what to expect with RiffTrax. It’s the same guys from MST3K that give comedic commentary to movies.

In MST3K, a man and the two robots are held prisoner aboard a space vessel by evil scientists trying to take over the world. The plan? Make people watch B movies until they go insane.  The man and his sidekicks use hilarious commentary to stay sane. Who wouldn’t, am I right??? The series lasted awhile, being on Comedy Central and the Scifi Channel until it was officially cancelled in 1999.

Enter the guys behind MST3K and you have RiffTrax. Rather than being a TV show on the air, they do the riffing and you do the purchasing. I think you have to purchase their riffing files and then somehow sync them up to a DVD by some sort of signal. Haven’t done this as of yet but I may have to try this. If anyone out there knows what to do, enlighten me and my readers!

The guys also do live shows, which are then taped and can be played at select theaters across the country. That’s what we did with Starship Troopers last night. I’m telling you my abs were sore from laughing so hard. If you haven’t had a chance to see what it’s like I highly recommend it.

In October, the RiffTRax guys are doing the original Night of the Living Dead.  I really hope the theater here will show that! 😀

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