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Rose Tyler Cosplay

This summer, I will be doing my very first cosplay 😀  Some friends and I are going to try our best to attend Philly ComicCon, all as Dr. Who characters. I will be doing Rose Tyler from the alternate universe:

I have the purple leather jacket, the shirt (tank top actually since it will be hot as hell in the leather jacket), pants, boots…all I need is the giant Dalek-killing gun.

Here's my costume! Just need to make the gun

Here’s my costume! Just need to make the gun

And for that I will be trying my hand at fabricating it  myself. I have been doing some searching on the internets and with some awesome suggestions from friends, found several websites with instructions and tips on how to make cosplay costumes and props. I think I will use EVA foam to make my giant gun. Seems like that material is the easiest to use, light-weight, easy to add an aluminum interior (for more stability), can use Plasti-Drip to coat, and spray paint for the finishing touches.

I’m pretty excited to try my hand at this. Even if it’s not perfect, it will be good  enough so fans will recognize it. I’ll post pictures of my progress!

I don’t plan on getting a heat gun to mold the foam so I’ll just have to figure something out for the tip (thinking large funnel). The rest of the gun seems to have mostly straight edges so the heat gun shouldn’t be necessary. My dad has a dremmel tool and I have an box cutter with plenty of blades. My plan is just to use 1/2 inch foam and make layers until I get it about the right width (the cocking mechanism looks to  me as big as Rose’s hand so I can use my own as a model). I read somewhere that someone else made a gun that was 36 inches long so when I do my paper drawing, I will do it that long and see if that length looks about right. If anyone out there has any tips and tricks I’d love to hear them!

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3 Comments on “Rose Tyler Cosplay”

  1. savmcfarland September 30, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    Love it!

    • drshaywest September 30, 2013 at 4:43 pm #

      Thanks!! Can’t wait to start on the gun 😀 A little nervous as I’ve never attempted anything like this before

      • savmcfarland October 1, 2013 at 10:40 am #

        Sounds like a trip to Jo-Anns will help. Some silver paint and toilet paper rolls may help!

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