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Mad Lord Lucian book cover

~~January of 2013:  my second book with Booktrope Publishing, the Mad Lord Lucian, made its debut. It’s a spooky companion novella for the Portals of Destiny series that many people have enjoyed.


Orange Karen  SD West HiRes eBook

~~April 2013: three things happened this month. My husband left me, the third book with Booktrope launched, and an anthology I was featured in made its debut. Shattered Destiny and the Orange Karen anthology hitting the shelves was definitely better than the break up of my marriage. Perhaps next year I’ll be able to look back and say that this divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me.

~~June 2013: I moved into my own home at the end of June. It’s the most adorable little house and it’s all mine. Well, mostly mine 😉 The furry kids tend to think they are in charge.

~~July 2013: I found out I was getting a raise at work that helped ease my mind about being able to afford my little house. It gave me some breathing room so I can save money and not live paycheck to paycheck.

ancient new

~~November: another of my short stories was featured in an anthology called Ancient New. It’s my first time being paid for one of my stories which is pretty dang cool 😀

Resigned Fate Hi Res eBook



~~December 2013: the last book of the Portals of Destiny series, Resigned Fate,  launched. It is pretty bittersweet as this will more than likely be the end of the characters from the Portals. However, I do have some ideas for some novellas that might be publishable. I also adopted a stray cat this month. She had been hanging around the campus and I just couldn’t stand seeing her half-frozen. Oreo is definitely one of the highlights of my year!

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