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Adopting a New Cat

About a month ago I adopted a stray kitty that was wandering around campus. The folks there called her Oreo and some fed her but on one ever took her in. It’s unknown where she originated from though it’s assumed it was one of the houses near campus and someone just left her when they moved. She’s sweet as can be and already fixed so she belonged to someone at one point.

I couldn’t stand the thought of her being alone and cold and fending for herself so I took her in.

I do have another cat though which presents an interesting scenario: Introducing Cats! ***cat owners will totally get this***

Trying to acclimate two cats to one another can be one of the most challenging things a pet owner can deal with. So much so that many people end up taking an adopted kitty back to the shelter, perhaps thinking new kitty just won’t cut it or worrying that resident kitty is too stressed to handle it.

The thing is, it can take a LONG time for cats to acclimate. Anyone who has ever owned a cat will tell you that they are unique creatures. And I mean that as persnickety divas who rule the entire household. Not even kidding. My cat refuses to drink out of his water dish if it’s on the floor. Only if it’s in the bathtub will he drink from it. *facepalm* Don’t ask me why this is. But it is so. And he needs to drink to prevent bladder stones so what do I do? Put his damn water in the bathtub and take it own when I shower. My mom’s cat went from only drinking out of a glass to having to have my mom HOLD the glass before she will drink *again with the facepalm*. Boots will literally go all day with no water, sit on the arm of the chair smacking her poor dry mouth when mom’s trying to enjoy her evening TV, then drink about 1/3 of the glass when mom gets up and gets her a glass of water. And why do we do this???

Because we love our damn pets to no end.

So Buddy (my resident cat who is 14) and little Oreo (who is about 12) seem to have come to terms somewhat with this new living arrangement. Okay, they haven’t come to an agreement exactly more like a you-stay-in-your-room kind of thing but it’s getting a tad better each day. Funny thing is, I was worried about Buddy harassing Oreo but the hierarchy seems to be the other way around. She will growl at Buddy even if he’s clear on the other side of the room and he’ll slink away and walk way out of the way to avoid eye contact with her. It’s actually hilarious. She’s literally half his size LOL Buddy was raised with another can though so he just seems more curious that anything. But she absolutely wants nothing to do with him in any way, shape, or form. Then again, as a stray, I know nothing of her background. She may have had bad run-ins with other strays and is just not comfortable with other cats. Or she could have really taken a liking to me and doesn’t like when he is around when I am. I’d love to get nanny cams in the house to see if this sort of thing happens while I’m away at work during the day.

I am hoping that with plenty of patience and love, Oreo will stop the howling and hissing when Buddy is around. They have had their little scuffles but they usually slink off to separate rooms so they are learning to deal rather than chase and attack. Geez, I hope they do this when I’m gone too 😉

I am a little worried that they haven’t done the whole butt-sniffing thing yet. I mean, this is how cats get to know each other (kind of glad people don’t have to do this LOL). I have a feeling I will be pretty excited when that day comes, as only a pet parent can be 😀

What about  you, readers? Have you had the unique experience of bringing together two or more cats? How did you handle it? How long did it take for your cats to become used to one another and did they become friends after time? I’d love to hear from you!!!

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2 Comments on “Adopting a New Cat”

  1. Emmie Mears January 8, 2014 at 10:52 pm #

    We adopted a kitten very literally out of a dumpster this year and introduced her to our two year old cat. We’re big fans of Jackson Galaxy’s My Cat From Hell, so we had a very good idea of how to introduce cats slowly. We started with scent swapping and led up to site swapping, followed by slow integration while they ate. That started on either side of a closed door (they can smell each other through the crack) and later became cracked door, then open door.

    Because the kitten was a dumpster cat, she has a lot of issues with food. Namely, she wants to eat all food, always, no matter whose bowl or plate it’s on. For cats that have had to fend for themselves (maybe Oreo too, it sounds), they often view other cats as antagonists because the other strays outside are competition for meager food sources. Willow and Tara get along fine, but boy does Tara go after Willow’s food.

    We’re not sure if Tara will eventually become confident that her food source will always be here or if she will always go after every food source she sees.

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