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Kitty Acclimation: Two Month Mark

Okay, so I’m a week shy of the official two month mark but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want! *said in best Cartman voice*

This kitty mama got fed up one day last week with Oreo’s crying and scratching at the door to her room All. Night. Long. *pulls hair out* I need my sleepy time and get very grouchy when I only have a few hours of sleep because of fur kids that get to sleep all damn day. So that next morning I left the door open, told her if she was so damn anxious to be out of her room then she and Buddy would have to work out their differences because I had had it up to here! I think I may have actually did the hand to the head thing. My cats totally knew what I meant.

I get home later that night from teaching, having no idea what to expect. I opened the door and there’s my Buddy crying at me because he was starving to death (the way this car carries on you’d swear he hadn’t been fed in a month). No Oreo to be found but I wasn’t all that surprised. She wasn’t used to the sound of the car and the door while being out of her room so I assumed she was hiding somewhere. I wandered into the hallway to go pee, which is the norm for me when I get home from anywhere, and I see black and white fur tufts all over the floor. *facepalm* I knew the white tufts had to have been from Oreo since Buddy only has white on his belly and he goes to great lengths to protect THAT bit of his anatomy. But the black fur was up for grabs since both have black fur.

I fed Buddy and put some food in her dish but still no sign of her. I panicked a little thinking she was holed up somewhere and would never come out. As soon as I got sat down with my dinner, she creeps out from behind the couch, stretches a little, and hops right up next to me. She didn’t seem to be injured too badly so I relaxed a little. When Buddy wandered in to the living room, she gave a little growl but didn’t launch herself off the couch to eat his face off (which is what she was doing the first time I tried to acclimate the two cats). I gave them treats to entice them to stay in the same vicinity for longer than five seconds. They gazed at each other sideways while gobbling their snacks then walked away. Felt even better than before.

They are still doing well but are far from friends. Both will meow and growl a little when they catch sight of the other one but as long as there isn’t gouging and blood, I’m okay to let them work out their issues on their own. And there hasn’t been any more fur tufts since that first say so that’s a good thing. I really don’t want naked cats. There is just something creepy and weird about a cat with no fur…all wrinkly and rough…*shakes head* But Oreo is hanging out in the main part of the house, usually right nest to me on the couch, she loves to play with the caps to the milk jugs, and is over her outbreak of the herpes. So all in all, life is settling down in the West household, much to the delight of this pet parent 😀

I just want to give her kisses on that pink nose <3

I just want to give her kisses on that pink nose ❤

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