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The Devil Made Him Do It

It’s always easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility for your own actions! Read along as this woman shares her struggles

Everyone Has A Story...

50-tremendous-grunge-for-your-desktop-noupe Recently, I went back and re-examined one of my posts,  Satan’s Favorite Drug Ever – Meth . It is by far the most viewed piece on this site, and a glance at my analytics shows most of the traffic I’m getting these days are people looking for answers about drug addictions either in their own lives or in the lives of their loved ones. This is a big difference from the once reigning  The Ministry of Mike Warnke  and  3 Boobs , because neither of those pieces can really help or hurt someone reading them. I feel differently about the meth piece because when I wrote it, I was in the throes of a lot of pain, not having found some emotional stability yet from the crushing blow of losing a lot of things in my life I really cared about. Since I remember how desperately I looked for help…

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