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Dangerous Reflections (The Adventures of Alexis Davenport Book 1) by Shay West

A lovely review from my friend and author, Cp Bialois!

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Good morning and welcome to this week’s In the Books featuring dangerous Reflections by Shay West.

Dangerous Reflections

One of the first things I have to mention is the realism of the book. The author does a wonderful job of bringing Alexis’ emotions to the forefront as she tries to find a way to fit in with her new friends and school. You actually feel what she’s going through and it reminded me of some of the spoiled brat type of things I pulled on my parents. Not that I’m calling Alexis spoiled. ::Whistles innocently::

Like so many of us, Alexis has a rival, who also happens to be the most popular and beautiful girl in school. While I didn’t have anyone like that antagonizing me, I can feel for her and I can’t tell you how many times I wanted Alexis to haul off and clock her one.

As an occasional…

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