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My Steampunk Alter Ego

I got the chance to dress up in my steampunk costume yesterday. The local library hosted Sherry Ficklin and I so we could chat with folks about the genre and to tell them more information about the steampunk convention coming to Grand Junction at the end of September. We started the afternoon with the movie Van Helsing followed by the question and answer session. At one point during the panel, Sherry told the audience that when dressing up, they should consider who they want to be then design a costume around that alter ego. 

I’ve been thinking about who I want my alter ego to be.


I went for a steampunk doctor look but after thinking about my alter ego, I came up with something a little different and much more sinister:

My name is Belladonna Sicarius and I am the head apothecary for Queen Victoria. My father was an apothecary and it seemed only natural that I would follow in his footsteps. My interests started out innocently enough as I learned the trade but I found myself wanting to explore the far reaches of the Kingdom, even going so far as to travel to exotic locales in search of plants and other things no one had ever seen. With the Queen’s blessing, I began work on a state-of-the-art laboratory so I could distill and mix my creations. In my research I stumbled across many plants and minerals with the power to heal; but in my experiments I also found things that could kill in horrible ways. Unbeknownst to all but those in closest confidence to the Queen, I also have another title, one that instills fear in the hearts of those who hear it spoken…

I am also the Queen’s assassin.

If any of you do steampunk cosplay, what is your alter ego??

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