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Discussion: One Star Reviews

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Although I honestly had no idea this whole controversy existed until a year or so ago, apparently posting one star reviews is a little controversial in the book blogging community.  Some bloggers believe that posting one star reviews is part of an honest and open reviewing process.  Others believe one star reviews are a waste of their time or invite unwanted negativity and possibly author attacks.  It really varies blogger-to-blogger.

As my regular readers know, I do post one star reviews.  Sometimes I’ve posted 0.5 star reviews.  Why do I read books I clearly don’t like?  Well, like any sane human being I pick up a book because it’s interesting and I think I’ll like it.  Sometimes the promise of the blurb and the other reviews encourage me to do so only to disappoint me.  When I start a book I don’t like to not finish it.  This is in…

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2 Comments on “Discussion: One Star Reviews”

  1. bear9612000 February 7, 2015 at 8:45 am #

    If I start a book and it doesn’t capture my interest right away I read some more because with some authors it gets better. But not once have I ever left a one star review . It is an insult to the author. They put their heart and souls into their books. I may give a three star and say something like wasn’t like description of book. I never ever bash a writer. They rely on us readers. That’s just rude to put a one star. And that’s my opinion.

    • drshaywest February 7, 2015 at 9:00 am #

      That’s what I tend to do as well. If I never finish it (and that’s happened several times), I won’t review it. That seems only fair. Most of the time when I don’t finish a book, it’s from a genre I don’t usually read and I’m trying to branch out, and I find out pretty quickly that it’s just not my thing

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