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Sensitive Topics

Sharing this blog post about sensitive topics in our writing. Have you ever been offended by what an author has written? Did you ever wonder if it was more to do with you than their intent to offend?

Legends of Windemere

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This is a tough post to write because it edges near things that I prefer to discuss in private.  We all know the topics that can stir a massive fight.  Issues that draw out the emotions and typically block rational discussion once the trigger is pulled.  I won’t even list the areas here because I’m sure we all know them.  Instead, I’m going to ask a simple question:

How do you touch on these in your stories without causing the fight?

First, let’s admit that people are going to see what they want to see.  Someone that goes into a fictional story with an agenda will find a way to satisfy that agenda.  I write fantasy adventure with an ensemble cast, but I still get the rare complaint that falls into one of the forbidden topics.  I tend to ignore them because I don’t write my stories…

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