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I can’t wait for the day when bullying is a thing of the past, when kids can go to school and be themselves without fear of being made fun of or beaten up. But knowing human nature, this is probably only a pipe dream. But a girl can hope, right?

I was bullied in school. Middle was the worst. It’s such an awkward time for most everyone. I even think it’s bad for everyone, including those that are doing the bullying. It’s just that we get so caught up in our own miserable lives that we fail to see beyond the torment. Now, my experiences with bullying haven’t been as bad as others have endured, but it doesn’t make it any less painful. It’s something I came to terms with long ago and it no longer bothers me.

One thing I’ve been able to do is take those feelings of inadequacy and translate those into the written word, to let readers delve inside what it’s like to be picked on. My hope is that my characters and how they deal with various situations can help those dealing with bullying. And on the far end of the spectrum…maybe make someone realize the pain they cause others, causing them to cease that destructive behavior.

What books have you read that helped you through a tough time, bullying or otherwise? I’d love to hear from you!

And for those of you that are dealing with bullying or know someone who is, check out these novels with strong characters that they can look up to 🙂

Rage DRforgive watched

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