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Unlikely Love Affairs

I bought The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies today and watched it after attempting to do yard work (it was too dang hot so I gave up LOL). One of my favorite aspects of the movie version of the Hobbit is the love between Tauriel the elf and Kili the dwarf. Dwarves and Elves aren’t the best of friends and it was so amazing to see their love bloom despite their differences and the fact that their people would be less than enthused. It was a great addition to the dwarf/elf feud. We got a little taste of it when it came to Legolas and Gimli in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, sworn enemies who became best friends and killing competitors.

In my Portals of Destiny series, there are multiple main characters (The Chosen) from multiple planets that have to somehow get past their differences to fight a common enemy, the Mekans, who will destroy all the planets in the galaxy. It’s not an easy task with various people from the same planet, let alone those from completely different worlds. One group of aliens, the Volgons, were forged in the heat of a centuries-long war with their enemy, the Gorkons. Forced to live underground, the Volgons have limited resources and can’t afford to waste them on the weak or the sick. They are killed off quickly so as to save precious food and water rations for those that are fit enough to do battle. Astrans, on the other hand, live in relative peace, ruled by two Patriarchs. Not that they’ve never seen war or battle, it’s just  been quite some time. Many are farmers, craftsmen, artisans, all living a simple life. Some of this world possess magic and they normally serve as Mystics, seeing to the spiritual and medical needs of the villages and towns.

I really wanted to create some conflict between members of these two planets as they are really the most opposite as far as the various worlds in my books go.  And out of the planets in my books, these two are my favorites. I had an idea to make one my Chosen from Astra have some sort of physical deformity offset by very powerful magic. When these two finally meet, it doesn’t go well. The Volgons are disgusted and confused, wondering why someone that was physically weak could be allowed to live. The Astrans are understandably angry and refuse to back down from their warrior comrades.

But as I was writing the series, I came to realize that these two characters were slowly falling in love as they spent more time together. I really hadn’t planned that when I first plotted the trilogy. It’s strange how your characters can do things you never planned  😉

How do you feel about unexpected loves in books and movies? I’m including some of the ones that come to mind for me. And yes, I had to add the animal book because, seriously…who doesn’t get all mushy when they see a lion snuggling with an antelope? 😀

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