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What Lies Behind: New Release From Travis Simmons

New Release from Travis Simmons!

What a compelling cover!

What a compelling cover!

A gripping, dark science fiction romance by International Bestseller, Travis Simmons.

Cass is a robot with a past. A past she can’t remember.

When her current owner, Natalia starts taking out her frustration on Cass her memories come back little by little.

What she wants more than anything is to be like humans; an android. To be loved and to feel and to be treated as an equal. Not an automaton like she is.

She finds that in Brandon.

Brandon is Natalia’s boyfriend, and couldn’t be any different from Natalia if he tried. He treats Cass like an equal, like a human, and more importantly like a woman.

Cass just wants a normal human life like Brandon promises, but as more and more of her memories come flooding back, she learns that she might play a bigger part in the android equal rights movement than she wants. Her future is uncertain. Becoming an android, becoming more human, will mean going against her programming. Can she do that? Will her struggle to become an android ultimately be her undoing?

“In this standalone dark romance, International Bestselling author, Travis Simmons makes his debut into science fiction. Travis has reached the top of charts in new adult fiction with his love of dystopian fantasy.”

I don’t know about you guys, but this definitely looks like a book I’ll be buying! How about a little teaser excerpt from the book to whet your appetite?

“Cass!” she heard someone call behind her. It sounded as if they’d called to her many times. “Cass, wait up!” It was Brandon. He gripped her arm to stop her. “I thought it was you. Didn’t you hear me yelling to you?”

She turned to him to see the typical smile he always wore.

“Sorry, I was lost in thought,” she answered.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, his smile melting. He must have read the tone of her voice.

“Nothing,” she answered.

“Why are you out this way?” he wondered, looking around.

“Why are you out this way?” Cass asked him, easily dodging the question.

He smiled at her. “I volunteer at a soup kitchen just down the road. What are you doing now?”

“Just heading home,” Cass told him. She shrugged.

“Well, cancel those plans. Let’s go do something fun,” he said. “And I will fly you home after.”

Cass smiled at him. She wanted nothing more than to go home and think and rest, but maybe there had been too much thinking for one day. Not to mention the EMP had frazzled her and she could still feel the nanobots doing their minor repairs. It wasn’t a great time for thinking.

“What did you have in mind?” Cass asked him.

“A psychic,” he told her.

She stopped in her tracks and looked at Brandon. He walked further before he realized she wasn’t following him and he turned to her. “What?” he asked.

“Are you serious?” she asked.

“Yeah, why not? It will be fun!”

“Because psychics aren’t real,” she told him.

“Exactly why it will be fun!” he said. “They won’t know that you’re not a real person. In the right light you can’t even see your infrared eye. I bet they will come up with some really strange ideas for you.”

Cass laughed at him and took his hand. “Alright, let’s go.”

“So why were you really out here?” he asked, running his hand through his hair to keep the wind from blowing it into his eyes.

Cass sighed. “You’re not going to let this go, are you?”

“Nope,” Brandon told her.

“I went back to the doctor,” she said. “I wanted to find out if he knew what was happening to me.”

“Did he?” Brandon asked.

“Yes.” Cass told him.

“Did he tell you?” Brandon glanced over at her. They turned right onto a street that wasn’t as busy as the one they were just on. It was in the opposite direction of where the GPS said she needed to go to get home.

“No,” Cass answered.

“Well, maybe the psychic can tell us,” Brandon said, nudging her with his elbow.

She smiled, but there was no real emotion behind it.

“Or, maybe we can do something more productive like try to figure it out ourselves?” He asked.

“I know that I was previously owned by Olivia Hamilton,” Cass told him. “Maybe we should go see her.”

“Go right to the source?” he asked.

“Why not?” Cass wondered. He drew her to a halt outside an old wooden door that had been painted black. Time and weather had peeled the paint away in various spots giving the door an antique look. The glass window in the door was detailed in golden paint that displayed the hours of operation and that this was, in fact, Madame Auguries Psychic Parlor.

“Madame Augury?” Cass asked. The eyes she turned on Brandon wasn’t amused.

He snorted. “This is going to be epic.”

He pulled open the door to the sound of a bell jingling to let workers inside know there was a customer. A petite girl in a black dress with a pentacle necklace pushed her way through a beaded curtain from the backroom and into the main shop. She slipped behind the glass counter opposite the door.

The Door swung shut behind Cass. The shop was rather small. A display of jewelry and one of incense stood on the scuffed wooden floor. Along one wall were jars of herbs. Along another wall were posters and tapestries.

“Can I help you?” the girl asked. Her hair was red and tipped with blue dye.

“We are here to see Madame Augury,” Brandon said. “We would like a reading.”

“Both of you?” the girl asked.

“Yes,” Brandon said.

“A full reading, a mini reading, or a half reading?” the girl went to the register and flipped open an appointment book.

“What’s the difference?”

“Length of the reading and price,” Fire Hair said.

“Mini,” Brandon told her pulling out his wallet.

While they made the appointment and cashed out, Cass perused the shelves. She wished she could smell the incense. It looked so wonderful. A small display of essential oils reminded her how much she wasn’t human. If she were, she would enjoy the smells of the shop. She wondered what lavender smelled like, or lemon grass. They both sounded pretty.

A couple minutes later they were being led through the beaded curtain and into a dimly lit room. In the center of the room stood a table draped with purple and with a crystal ball perched on the top. A woman sat behind the table. Cass wasn’t sure what she expected, maybe a turban or a large robe? Instead, the woman was dressed in jeans and a flower print shirt.

Candles flicked all around the room providing the only light.

“Sit,” the woman spoke softly. She motioned for the chairs on the opposite side of her. “I’m Augury.”

Her presence wasn’t anywhere near as outrageous as her name professed.

“Cass,” Cass told her. “This is Brandon.”

“Did you have any specific questions for me today?” Augury asked them as they sat in the puffy red chairs. “Or do you just want a reading; a glimpse into your future?”

“A reading please,” Cass said, taking her seat before Brandon did. Now that she was here she couldn’t help but get wrapped up in the idea of it all. What if the psychic was able to feel something about her that could help her? At least it would be something, she said.

Augury rubbed her hands together vigorously as if she were trying to warm them. She snapped the tips against her thumbs, and then reached out for Cass’s hands.

“Normally I don’t read robots,” she said. “They don’t have a future like humans do, but you’re different. I feel something special about you.”

Cass couldn’t break her gaze from the green eyes of the psychic. From this angle the candle light behind Augury created a kind of halo of light around her brown hair. Brandon shifted uncomfortably beside Cass.

Cass nodded. “Special how?”

“I sense a huge shift in your past. A big change that happened.”

Brandon cleared his throat as if stifling a laugh. Cass couldn’t fault him for that. It did seem like a pretty vague comment.

“There was a fire,” she said.

That made Cass sit up straighter, and Brandon uncrossed his legs and leaned forward.

“It destroyed your home. You were given up,” Augury told her. “But you know this already?”

“Partially,” Cass told her. “What I don’t understand completely is why.”

“Or what is happening to you now. Why things are changing?” Augury probed.

Cass could only nod.

“You weren’t programmed right,” Augury said. “I’m getting a sense that you weren’t wiped, your memories were just hidden. You’re meant for more than the life you’re living.” Augury frowned. “This is strange. I see you in split fashion, almost like I’m seeing two versions of you, one blended into another. In one I see you happy with this young man. I get the sense of freedom from you, the sense that you are living out your free will. In the other image I see you as a classic warrior or a champion of some sort. This champion is the true reason for your programming. This champion is what you’re meant for.”

Augury looked up to Cass. “The way before you is split. That’s why I’m able to read for you. I can read for humans because they are able to make choices. I don’t read for robots because there is no sense of choice. For you, there are choices you can make. Decisions that will change the outcome of your future.”

“What are they?” Cass asked.

“I get the sense that you already know that.”

“My free will,” Cass said. She looked at their joined hands. One human, one robot, both flesh of a kind. Looking at the joined hands alone you’d never know one wasn’t organic.

“Yes. You can follow your free will, or you can follow your programming,” Augury said.

Cass sighed.

“You didn’t think I would be helpful, did you?” Augury said, removing her hands from Cass’.

“No,” Cass answered, clasping her hands in her lap. “I thought this was going to be a fun reading, but not overly enlightening.”

“More things exist beyond your senses. Things you’d never guess at. Things I could never imagine. Things science has yet to find explanations for.” Augury looked at Brandon. “What about you? Would you like your reading now?”

“I’m good,” Brandon held up his hands as if to ward her away.

Augury smiled at him. “People are fine with readings when they think they are nothing but games, but when the truth comes out, they change their minds. It’s okay.”

Brandon nodded.

“Do you have any more questions for me, since he’s not taking his time?” Augury asked.

Cass shook her head. “I need to get home.”

Augury nodded as if she understood precisely why Cass needed to get home.

The door to the shop closed behind them, and for a while as they walked down the street toward the busy intersection, Brandon didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until they turned into the busier street that he spoke.

“That went differently than I expected,” he said.

“Yeah,” was all Cass could muster in response.

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One Comment on “What Lies Behind: New Release From Travis Simmons”

  1. Inion N. Mathair June 22, 2015 at 10:24 pm #

    Wow….this looks incredible, Shay. Hi: Sorry we’ve been ghosts as of late. We took some time off from the Blogospere to work on our P-7 series. But we’re back and making sure to visit our favorite haunts. Loved the idea of this book. will be adding this to our M-R list. Sharing now. 😉 xo

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