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Anyone who knows me knows I love to take photographs and document pretty much everything. I splurged years ago and bought a Canon Rebel camera with a high zoom lens. I even got a purse that doubles as a camera bag so I can take that sucker with me everywhere.

One of my favorite places to take my camera is into the wilderness. Capturing photos of wild life, flowers, tracks, and anything else that catches my eye is one of my favorite things to do. And I’ve captured some pretty cool shots if I do say so myself:




Last weekend I went camping with the family. Dad and I always go up early so we can get a good spot. Since he and my uncle are going to be hunting in the area near where we like to camp, we took the Rhino out for a drive (went a total of 48 miles).

We were heading back to camp and came across this little creek and there were literally thousands of butterflies on the water. The huge yellow and black ones, dainty yellow and blue ones. I drove forward slowly so as not to crush the little guys (I did get some, felt so bad about it) and they all took flight. So many tiny, colorful bodies It was the most surreal experience I’ve ever had. We were surrounded by thousands of colorful butterflies. Some were even coming in one end of the Rhino and flying out the other. We crossed the creek and made it back to dry road and it was then that I remembered my camera. I was so enthralled with watching the colorful spectacle that I completely forgot about the camera sitting in my lap.

Maybe it was for the best. Maybe some things are better left for the heart to experience and feel rather than the camera to capture.

Have you ever had a moment that so captured you, so enthralled you that you lost all thought other than to simply exist in the singular moment in time? I’d love to hear from you!

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