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Worst vs Best Case Scenario

I’m sure we’ve all done it. Had some big decision come up and the mind instantly start revving into high gear, playing all sorts of scenarios as to how the thing will play out, what all the players will say, how we will respond to each possibility.

And then it happens. We go to a place I call Worst Case Scenario. For example: say you notice a job opening and it’s not just a job but your DREAM job.Something that you’ve always wanted and can totally picture yourself doing for the rest of your life. So you apply and sit back and let your mind do its thing. But it’s not a good thing, at least not yet. You bite your lip and wonder what the hell you were thinking, they’ll never hire you! You visualize someone throwing your application in the trash, laughing all the while. Maybe he or she gossips with a co-worker about the audacity of some people, applying for a job they don’t have a chance in hell of ever getting. You agonize as you wait for a response from the company. The longer the phone stays silent, the worse the scenario gets.

Am I right?

We’ve all done this in some form or fashion. We picture the worst happening to prepare ourselves so that if it ever does happen, we’re not taken totally by surprise. We grieve, get pissed, whatever and move on.

This happened to be recently, but not with a job. I  met someone online and thought he was pretty great. Didn’t have kids, didn’t want them (which is a deal breaker for me: you got kids, forget it), he was funny, charming, rides motorcycles (HAWT!!!!), and was so gorgeous it made my heart hurt a little looking at his profile picture. I felt we had a connection and wanted to explore things further. The problem? He wants casual sex: no dating, no relationship, nothing but naked time and that’s it.

*insert sad sigh*

In my own head, I had already played out the worst case scenario (which was him not wanting anything to do with me) and it helped a little when this guy made it clear he wasn’t interested in dating. And honestly, there’s no hard feelings. We’re just not on the same page. Not gonna lie and say I’m not bummed but there’s no sense in agonizing over something you can’t change.

But there’s another side to this coin. The Best Case Scenario. That place where many fear to tread. The place where shit works out like you want and life is just peachy awesome. So maybe after you play out the worst case scenario to prepare yourself for what might happen down that road, maybe you start a little game of best case scenario. The HR person is blown away by your application and they not only want to hire you, but they want to pay you more than they had originally said just to make sure you don’t go anywhere else.

The best case scenario is a little harder to do as it gets your hopes up. When things don’t work out, you end up devastated and lying in a corner eating ice cream and Reece’s Pieces and your friends and family have to come throw you in the shower because you haven’t bathed for days and the neighbors are starting to wonder if you’re a corpse.

Maybe I’m the only one that does the best case scenario. Even knowing that I’ll never see this guy again and he’s probably already with someone that is willing and able to do casual sex (I’m just not built that way), part of me that’s the hopeless star crossed lover, overly romanticized, it was completely fated from the start and not even the will of god/gods can interfere with it sort of thinker and hopes that maybe he’ll come to realize how freaking awesome we would be together.

*insert sad sigh* It’ll never happen. But a girl can still dream, right?  😉

So what about you? Are you the worst case scenario, best case scenario, or both? I’d love to hear from you!

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