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Why I Will Always *HEART* Taylor Swift

Yesterday afternoon was perhaps one of the most amazing afternoons I can remember in a long time, You see, I live in the same town as Delaney Clements, the spirited, fabulous dancing queen who has been fighting a battle against cancer for the last five years. She and her family got the gut-wrenching news that Delaney’s cancer had spread to her brain and that she was out of treatment options. For those of us that have followed this warrior’s journey, this was such a huge blow.

But she didn’t let that get her down. Delaney asked everyone to be happy for her, that her pain would soon be over. In an interview, she said she wanted her tombstone to say Delaney Clements in small letters and Fabulous Dancing Queen in huge letters since that’s how she wants people to remember her. She came home to spend the time she has left with her family and through it all she had one wish. ..not to be cured of cancer but to meet her idol, Taylor Swift.

The whole town rallied, posting on every social media site with the hashtag #DelaneyMeetTaylor and it didn’t take long for it to trend on Facebook. With bated breath we waited to see if Delaney’s dying wish would be heard.

And yesterday it was.

Delaney’s mom, Wendy Campbell, posted pictures of Delaney hanging out with her idol, crying tears of joy as Taylor wrapped her in a huge hug. ***no really, I’m not crying I just have a huge branch in my eye*** And moments later Facebook was once again flooded with messages about Delaney and Taylor, thanking the pop star for making Delaney’s Christmas miracle come true.

I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift’s since her first album came out. There was something special about her that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Taylor was a breath of fresh air and sang songs that brought back memories of growing up. But it was more than that.

Through the years that she’s dominated the charts, she has remained grounded, above the drama and drugs and booze that seems to strip young men and women of their talent much too soon. Taylor also seems to genuinely care about her fans in a way that I’ve never really seen with anyone else.


I managed to get this shot of Taylor basking in the sound of her fans screaming so loud as to damn near  bring the roof down. This is her with her hands over her mouth in utter disbelief that the sound she was hearing was for her.

And Taylor proves her love for her fans again and again with acts of kindness that go beyond publicity for herself. She didn’t come to Grand Junction amidst fanfare and news cameras. She came quietly, humbly, to spend some time with a dying little girl.

And for that, Taylor Swift, you’ll always have a fan in me.


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One Comment on “Why I Will Always *HEART* Taylor Swift”

  1. jamiewauthor December 21, 2015 at 1:21 pm #

    Reblogged this on White's Wyrd World and commented:
    What a sad story, but it makes me smile to see that even though she and her family are dealing with a heartbreaking reality, Delaney has now fulfilled her biggest wish. I have my issues with Taylor Swift, but I can say that she is awesome for doing this for Delaney and her family.

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