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Things I Suck at But Do Anyway

I was thinking today about how most people tend to put their best foot forward when it comes to social media, acquaintances, co-workers. I guess I can see that. Maybe we think our media feeds wouldn’t be as interesting if we were brutally honest about the bad as well as the good. And let’s face it, wouldn’t we want to see the hot mess out Facebook and Twitter feeds would be if people actually did that?

So in the spirit of being honest, here’s a list of things I do but seriously suck at:

  1.  Karaoke

Okay, seriously, I’m not the next American idol. But when I have that mic in my hand I totally feel like I am. And also when I’m driving and blasting my iPod super loud. But isn’t that the fun of karaoke? That you’re not really expected to be good at it? Oh, I know there are those that do it that actually have real talent but my friends and I do it just for the fun of hanging out together and jamming to some awesome tunes!


2.  Bowling

I am forever telling people that I have no athletic prowess at all. And that’s never been more apparent than when I’m bowling. I’m a hot mess. Maybe it’s the hips or the mini pinkies, but I’m telling you, I can’t get the damn thing to go where I want to save my life. Thank God nothing depends on me bowling…

3.  Pool

Maybe it’s because I tend to have several beers when I’m shooting pool but pretty much any shot I make is pure dumb luck. Oh, I take credit for being a master marksmen of course, but that all falls to crap when I can’t follow it up. But it’s fun and I never put any money on my games so I shall play on!

What about you? What do you continue to do even though most people would say you suck at it? LOL

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