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My Little Adventure in Modeling

Haha, not that kind of modeling. I am speaking of building models, those whimsical miniatures that capture the hearts of millions. I’m not exactly new to this world. Years ago I built a plastic model of the original Enterprise and it’s now hanging in my office from the ceiling.

Last weekend I went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Denver Art Museum and in the gift shop were these amazing models made completely of shiny metal. The displays spun and the light caught the shiny metal and I was mesmerized. Of course I had to have some of these delightful miniatures. I chose BB8 and the Millennium Falcon.

Earlier in the week, I tried my hand at doing the BB8 model. I got my tweezers, put on Forensic Files, and settled in for what I thought was going to be some Star Wars fun. Little did I know that my nightmare was only beginning…

BB8 is all spheres and circles and let me tell you, trying to get flat sheet sheet metal to bend in a circular shape is not freaking possible unless you’re using magic. Or calling on a metal folding demon to build the damn thing for you. It was frustrating trying to get the teeny metal tabs to fit into the teeny holes and pretty much impossible to reach inside the sphere of his body to bend the tabs to hold the circles in place.

I ended up resorting to Gorilla glue just to get the dang thing put together. Needless to say, he looks a little worse for wear:


He’s got some carbon scoring as he’s seen a lot of action…

Of course I also realized after gluing the thing that I had his body backwards. I should have had the mirror side facing out. Not sure that would have made any difference in the bending, but would have maybe looked so shiny that no one would notice his lopsided body…

I waited all week to attempt the Millennium Falcon. After dealing with BB8, I wasn’t sure I wanted to tackle that one. But a friend assured me that the Falcon would be easier as it was mostly flat pieces. So yesterday I took a deep breath and opened the package…


Seriously, it’s so shiny!!!!!

This one definitely went together much more easily than the BB8. The only thing that never did work was the teeny strips that were supposed to go around the engine ports on the back of the ship. I tried everything to get them out but the piece broke before the connection to the sheet did.


The little triangles needed to be broken to release the strip…


Instead, every single one did this…

I gave up on the little strips and continued the building. Some pieces took a little maneuvering, but it went together fairly easily. Until I got to the supports for the landing pads…that pushed my patience to the limit. I realize it would have been easier if I would have a magnifying device of some sort. Might have to invest in one of those if I’m going to do this again.


This wee bit of metal had to be folded in a square shape and the 3 tabs at the bottom placed into 3 teeny holes…Oi…


My tweezersare pointing to one of the metal supports. There were SIX of the bloody things to put in. And then 6 teeny flat legs that has to be put on top of the supports

The funny thing about these 6 teeny supports is that they’re on the bottom of the ship and no one will see them unless they turn it over. But I managed to not only get the 6 supports put in but the teeny landing legs as well. They even move a little which is pretty cool. After about five and half hours, my Falcon was completed and it looks so awesome!

All in all, I’d have to say these were a good purchase. The level of detail is astounding. Can’t wait to get more of these and display them in my office 😀

0324171718  0324171718b



On the right you can see the sensor dish I had to fold into the right shape 😀 Love the detail of these models

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