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List of Ways I DON’T Want to Die, Part 2

I did a funny post listing the ways I don’t want to die and I have recently added to it so I figured it was maybe time to do another post. For the first 35, click here and see what you think. 36) getting sucked out of an air lock (two words: Event Horizon) 37) […]

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Me + Coffee Table + Spider = Disaster

After reading the hilarious post by my writer buddy, Nikki McCormack, I just HAD to post about the time I broke through the top of a coffee table trying to kill a wolf spider. Seriously, true story. If you don’t know what a wolf spider looks like, take a gander. They’re the most terrifying thing […]

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What’s the Funniest Warning Label YOU’VE Ever Seen?

I got a new sunshade for the ol’ SUV a few weeks ago (the old one had to be thrown away due to nasty chicken leakage…*shudder*) and I just tossed it in the back seat without a second thought. This last Sunday, when I was out with my mom doing the weekly grocery shopping, I […]

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Why is She Buying THAT Stuff?

Mondays are actually one of my favorite days of the week. No, seriously! Stop laughing! I don’t have classes so I can sleep in as long as I want (which I usually don’t), enjoy my morning coffee without having to rush to get ready for work, I can watch DS9 all damn day if I […]

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The historical Avalon Theater here in Grand Jct doe this cool thing each Tuesday where they offer dinner and a movie. If you bring in a receipt from any downtown restaurant, you get in to see a free movie. Best part???? They are almost ALWAYS older movies. So guess what’s playing this Tuesday??? Monty Python […]

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What’s so Funny About Eggplant?

Do you ever have one of those moments where you recall a song, movie line, etc that is tied in to something in the real world and no matter how many times you’ve seen/heard it, you laugh or feel some other emotion? This happens to me every time I see an eggplant in the grocery […]

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What Happened to Harry and Lloyd?

Fans of the hilarious comedy Dumb and Dumber might often wonder what happened to Harry and Lloyd after they missed their golden opportunity to oil down hot women with suntan lotion. Did they return home to Providence, Rhode Island, perhaps to get their worm farm up and running? Did they try their luck in Vegas, […]

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My Fear of Spiders

Anyone who knows me knows I am terrified of spiders. Although I think that over the years my phobia has chilled out a bit and has become more of a little freak out moment rather than a full blown phobia moment. But either way you slice it, spiders scare the bejeebers out of me.   […]

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List of Ways I DON’T Want to Die

Yes, you read that right…I actually have a LIST of ways I don’t want to die. Call me weird (I would rather think of myself as creative and someone who has seen way too many movies) but I did write this stuff down so hopefully you’ll find it as eye-opening and somewhat hilarious as I […]

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Pinkies of Peril

After posting about my tiny pinkies on Facebook post (the post involved me wanting to be a best-selling author, Dave mentioning that van Gogh wasn’t famous till after he died, Amy suggesting I cut my pinkies off, me saying I can’t cut off my Pinkies of Peril and insisting there was a funny story there) […]

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Interstate Driving Etiquette

This post has been a LONG time coming! I have made the drive between Grand Junction, CO and Denver, CO more times than I can count. Seriously. And I am always completely and totally amazed at how many people have no CLUE how to drive on the interstate! It’s bad enough to have no interstate […]

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Don’t Ever Think You Can Outrun Your Dad…

We had a family camping trip last weekend, the first of the year! My dad called a few weeks ago to let us know that Land’s End road was open. When I was a kid, we used to camp and picnic on that road all the time. We also spent lots of weekends on the […]

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