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Night Terrors

I’ve always had vivid dreams, even as a child. Most aren’t what would be considered night terrors but they can be pretty intense. I have some control over these dreams: flying away from danger when needed, discovering a secret passage or a secret cache of weapons that had always been there but I had only […]

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Head Transplant?

Last year while teaching my Organ and Joint Replacement Topics course, I ran across this story of a man from Russia that had volunteered to be the first person to do a head transplant. Being the skeptic that I am, I had to research this to find out if it was even legit. It was. […]

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My First Plasma Donation

I decided to donate plasma for the first time last weekend. I’d love to say that it was only because of all the life-saving things that can be done with plasma, like people that have suffered burns, shock, trauma, bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies…but I have to admit it was the fact that plasma donation centers will […]

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Game Camera Success!

My family bought property outside of town a couple years ago and built a cabin last summer. After seeing some deer, coyotes, and even a mountain lion, we thought it would be cool to get a game camera and see if we could get some shots of the wild life on our place. We set […]

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Wild Animal Sanctuary

While visiting Denver for a concert (Sebastian Bach with Santa Cruz opening), we decided to go visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary outside Hudson, CO. I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life and never heard of this place until about a month ago when a friend on Facebook posted pictures. I love animals and this place […]

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Proud Owner of a Bearded Dragon!

I adore the newest addition to my pet family 😀 I currently have a cat (Oreo), a packrat (Rose Tyler), and now Madame Vastra. She was actually an impulse purchase LOL I was at PetCo getting cat litter (they have this really cool thing where you can refill a 5 gallon bucket for like $10) […]

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Surgery to Remove My Radial Scar

Back in October I was diagnosed with a radial scar after a mammogram revealed a suspicious shadowy area. A biopsy showed that I had a radial scar and even though it’s considered benign, about 10% of cases do go on to become cancerous so I went with the recommendation to have it removed. Plus, the […]

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Using Ultrasound to Combat Alzheimer’s

One of the greatest things about being a college professor is seeing the interest of the students translate into them coming to me with new research being done in a particular field. I try my best to keep up with the literature, but it can be difficult sometimes with a busy schedule. And when the […]

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Life on Titan?

Does life exist on other worlds? I don’t know about you, but the idea of life on other celestial bodies has always fascinated me. I mean, the universe is friggin massive and we can’t be the only things out here. In a quote from one of my favorite movies: “If it is just us, it’s […]

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Bionic Eye Gives Man Back His Sight

Technology is amazing! Actually, science technology is awesomesauce amazing, but I’m a little biased 😉 Imagine losing your sight to a slow, debilitating degenerative disease. Now imagine being able to see your loved ones after decades of darkness. It might not be perfect, but to someone who can’t see anything, even the little sight from […]

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3D Printers in Space!

Hello, my name is Shay West and I’m a Star Trek enthusiast. I used to watch the old episodes with my dad and when the Next Generation made its appearance, I was excited as heck to dive in. It was more than just the spaceships, space travel, alien life forms, and charismatic characters. There was […]

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Orion Spacecraft to Launch Thursday, Dec 4th!

Super excited that my home state is leading the charge into further exploration. I know there are a lot of people out there that think space travel is a waste of money, but it’s so ingrained in human nature to explore, to see what’s out there…there’s no way we can just sit here on this pretty […]

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Pictures of Comet

I admit I was pretty stoked when the Philae orbiter landed safely on the comet. Then again, I get pretty excited at anything having to do with space travel. I’d love to travel in space, see what Earth looks like from far away, travel to strange new worlds. But alas, all I can do is […]

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Mars Colonization as Seen Through the Eyes of Jac Kephart

I honestly can’t recall the exact moment I noticed the stunning pieces of art gracing one of the hallways of Wubben Sciences Center (Colorado Mesa University). All I remember is standing with my mouth open, staring at the five mixed-media canvases, wondering who the artist was and what they depicted (the descriptive plaques came a few […]

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How I Almost Died After Seeing a Spider

Okay, this may be a wee bit exaggerated but at the time it felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I really don’t like spiders. Like… really really REALLY don’t like spiders.   I’m in my shed and I grabbed the bowl I use for fresh water for the birdbath off the shelf. […]

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